Lagos Jet Ski Riders - The Club

Lagos Jet Ski Riders - The Club was founded in January 2014. It's original concept was very simple, a place for a few friends to gather and enjoy water sports. However, as the construction work started it took a life of its own giving birth to a  private members club catering to water enthusiasts and people who wanted a safe, respectable environment to enjoy the water front of Lagos Lagoon. Initially we only opened on the weekends and public holidays, with time this extended from Tuesday to Sunday.

Our mission was simple provide premium quality service, drinks and food to our Members in a casual environment catered to a multicultural society.

Our bar is world class serving only the best drinks and cocktails on the market, our kitchen stepped up to the plate (literally), and serves the best meals in town, our Pizzeria has become famed for being authentic Italian. On the weekends The Club comes alive at night.

The Club's premises provides a great outdoor location situated on the Lagoon, with a breeze that keeps you cool no matter the time of year.  The pool makes it perfect for a lazy Sunday under the sun with a margarita to wash the stress of the week away, and our new indoor faclitlity caters to every need.

The Club not only caters to our Members during the week, but provides a stress free weekend at our Beach House, Jet Ski excursions, Scuba diving, water sports or simply enjoying the sunset.

These great facilities are only provided to our members, that is why Lagos Jet Ski Riders - The Club is MEMBERS ONLY.   

The only way to become a member is to be referred  by six existing members, keeping The Club exclusive to only people that know each other, this in turn provides a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.