Captain Fabio

Captain Fabio has shown time and time again that he knows how to find the fish, get them to scream the line out of the reel, and show you how to fight it back in.  Since his early childhood Captain Fabio has spent every free minute he has on the ocean filling is appetite for the sport that he loves, FISHING!

Captain Lightning!

Captain LIghtning's passion for fishing, the ocean, and boats allows him to take you to the frenzies of the ocean making sure you get your adrenaline pumping as the rod bends with a big fish.

Morris eats, sleeps and breaths fishing.  As a 1st mate he shows anglers how its done, his attention to detail and knowledge of what's in the water makes him a walking database of the oceans life.  Every angler, no matter the experience is in good hands with our world class 1st mate.

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The Team